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Brown Girl in the RingChange Maker Resid

How we define a Change Maker

A change maker is someone with a vision to make impactful change in their community. They possess a global outlook with motivation to take a single issue and create meaningful and lasting change. They may have a project in the works or an idea that needs a bit of a nudge in the right direction.


A change maker may work or have an interest in areas of design and creativity, education and technology, business and social enterprise. They make values-based decisions in both their personal and professional lives.


How we define community

Community can be where you live, where you study, or where you work. Community may centre around a common cause or organisation where you’re involved. How you define your community and how you seek to create change is the important part.

What's involved?

The BGR X CS Change Maker Residency Program includes:

  • Dedicated working and meeting space at Colombo Cooperative for six months to focus and build your network

  • Colombo Cooperative member benefits for six months

  • Tailored mentorship program in the areas of self-leadership, community engagement, marketing, and communications

  • BGR X CS Change Maker Extras:

    • Design thinking

    • Financial literacy

    • Social enterprise 101

    • Social media and communications

    • Brown Girl in the Ring reading collection


The BGR X CS  Change Maker will:

  • Access the Colombo Cooperative working space on a regular basis

  • Engage with progress milestone activities with their mentors and program organisers

  • Participate in mentorship program and BGR X CS Change Maker Extras

  • Present their final project at the conclusion of the project to an in-person audience and live stream at Colombo Cooperative HQ

  • Provide a report at the  conclusion of the residency

  • Host or participate in an episode for the Brown Girl in the Ring Podcast

Following the successful conclusion of the BGR X CS  Change Maker Residency, the recipient will be able to access the Colombo Cooperative incubator and accelerator program and have ongoing access to the Career Sutra network.


Eligibility, Application & Support



Individuals who identify as female, aged over 21 years old, and currently reside or plan to reside in Sri Lanka for the duration of the BGR X CS Change Maker Residency program. Applicants should have an idea they are developing or working on for either profit or not-for-profit.



Round One involves submission of a written personal statement addressing the application criteria, a CV, and three written references. Please refer to the Timeline and Criteria for information.


Round Two involves a video introducing yourself, your project, and the outcomes you aim to achieve for the duration of the BGR X CS  Change Maker Residency. Applicants will be invited to apply for Round two. Please refer to Timeline and Criteria for information.



During the BGR X CS  Change Maker Residency Program the recipient will have access to the following support.


  • In-person support from the Colombo Cooperative Community Manager

  • Tailored Mentorship program based on the needs of the recipient

  • Online support from the organisers as arranged

How to apply

Find out about eligibility, applications, support, and how we define a Change Maker.


Learn about the criteria, rounds, and timeline for the program.

Good to Know

Read through the fine print and meet the organisers behind the program.

Make Change

Submit your

Change Maker Residency application.

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