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Brown Girl in the RingChange Maker Resid

Good to know fine print

  • Applications will be reviewed based on merit and addressing of the criteria for both rounds.

  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel made up of the organisers and two independent mentor representatives.

  • The panel’s decision is final.

  • Any form of financial exchange between the recipient, the organisers, and associates is not required at any stage of the BGR X CS  Change Maker Residency Program.

  • All travel, accomodation, and ancillary costs associated with the BGR X CS  Change Maker Residency Program and during the residency period is the sole responsibility of the recipient.

  • All intellectual property developed during the  BGR X CS Change Maker Residency Program remains the property of the recipient, unless an agreement is exchanged with a another person or entity. The organisers, mentors, and associates of the BGR X CS Change Maker Residency remain neutral for the duration of the residency program.

  • The successful recipient is required and strongly encouraged to undertake necessary review of the residency agreement and any requirements for personal insurance related to their project.


About the organisers

Brown Girl in the Ring Podcast is a story-telling platform created for us by us to share and engage with stories of women from diverse backgrounds. We speak with women about where they’ve been, how they got here, and what their influences are. Brown Girl Pod is created and hosted by Deborah Rodrigo, who  grew up in Australia as a ‘third-culture kid’ after moving from Sri Lanka at the age of four with her family. She has a background in communications, research, and engagement.


Deborah honed her professional skills in both the corporate and public sector with significant experience in higher education where she developed student engagement programs in arts, humanities, engineering and technology. She is passionate about the power of mentoring, intercultural communication,  and storytelling.


Career Sutra is a digital and direct platform for south asian women.  We talk about the cultural barriers we face, teach each other the skills we need to break glass ceilings, all through an events network.  We envision a future where successful south asian women are leasing companies, leaving a legacy world-wide and living their best life.


Sajani Amarasiri started her career off working at some of the world’s leading tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon specialising in operations and supply chain management. She is passionate about building ventures and empowering everyone to achieve their full potential which is how Career Sutra and Colombo Cooperative were born.

How to apply

Find out about eligibility, applications, support, and how we define a Change Maker.


Learn about the criteria, rounds, and timeline for the program.

Good to Know

Read through the fine print and meet the organisers behind the program.

Make Change

Submit your

Change Maker Residency application.

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