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Updated: Feb 2, 2019

We wrap up season one of Brown Girl Pod on a beautiful bright note with the talented Elsz. Elsz’s journey has taken her from Australia to Sri Lanka and now New York. She practices as a dancer and self-taught musician and has used her experience to find a place of survival and acceptance through enchanting vocals.

Elsz started off in the world of ballet and through adversity found her voice and musical talents by exploring struggles while growing up, finding strength in personal upheaval, and eventually holding space in her creative practice. Her work continues as she builds her nest in New York and works with artists of diverse backgrounds representing experiences of gender non-conforming, trans, and people of colour.

Elsz shared some of the artists who inspire her to create the space to explore her work:

In episode eight, Elsz shares her track Bright Eyes with us. Be sure to check it out online and on Spotify.

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Listen to Elsz's episode on iTunes, Spotify and Android.


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