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Aunty Norma Ingram

In episode nine we speak with Norma Ingram. Aunty Norma, as she is known in her community is an educator, community leader, and candidate for the suburb of Newtown in the 2019 NSW state election.

For Aunty Norma being of service to her community has always been a priority - the way she found her way in the world. Whether it was as a teacher, an activist, government adviser, and now a candidate for State parliament in the 2019 election; her mission has been to create impactful change for her community that is both relevant and sustainable.

I was honoured to sit down with Aunty Norma in the middle of her election campaign. We met at Wyanga Elders’ Centre in the inner city suburb of Redfern where she is the chair of the board. Aunty Norma shared her experiences of starting her career as a young person in activism, working alongside key Indigenous leaders from a young age and becoming the first Indigenous woman to graduate from Harvard. We have a lot to learn from those who have cleared the path for many and it was an honour to spend this time with Aunty Norma.

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