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Faustina Agolley

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

In episode thirteen we speak with Faustina Agolley about her experiences of growing up in Australia and how her career is now shaped with the intention to create positive and inclusive experiences for herself and others.

In the newly released anthology of short stories ‘Growing up African in Australia’, Faustina Agolley writes about exploring her cultural identity alongside the story of her father Samuel Agolley. We are introduced to her father through his tragic passing and it is with Faustina’s curiosity; the love her parents shared, and the connection to her Ghanean family that she is guided in her understanding of what it means to be growing up African in Australia.

We also chat about the creative process, how establishing boundaries within our personal and professional network creates space to bring our complete selves to our work, and the various influences helping to guide this thinking.

Faustina also shared an amazing collection of musicians, plays, and films which have guided her work, especially developing her voice as a writer.

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