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Rukshi Nethicumara

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

For our second episode in Season One, we meet with entrepreneur Rukshi Nethicumara.

Rukshi is a force of nature and we had the luck of sitting down with at Butter Boutique, her bakery cafe in the inner city suburb of Rosemead Place in Colombo.

We chatted about how Rukshi overcame adversity when faced with loss at an early age,

made some tough decisions while studying in Australia, and started a thriving business from humble beginnings - all through the magic of cake.

Growing up Rukshi and her family enjoyed travelling and it's through these experiences that Rukshi picked up on the various influences still with her today; her father instilled a sense of curiosity, her mother shaped her appreciation of flavours, and a favourite teacher who with gentle discipline was a champion for Rukshi and her siblings.

Rukshi is candid and honest in this epsiode - a strength of a great leader. With her tenacity, she has carved out a niche in her local community. When you visit Butter Boutique on Instagram or in-person you’ll notice that a community is present as is a cult following for her baked goods.

There’s a real sense of pride in what they’re offering, which on the surface is just delicious cake, but if you look beyond the layer cake, you can see they care about their community and serving them well.

While scrolling through the Butter Boutique's feed online I spotted the work of the designer and illustrator that who works with Rukshi to bring her cakes to life.

Apsi of Apsi Doodles has designed a playful and fun look for Butter Boutique which includes a hand-painted mural at Rosemead Place.

Apsi’s work is colourful, bright, and intentional. You can see the amount of planning that goes into her projects and the careful execution behind her fun designs.

You can check out Apsi’s work @apsi_doodles.

Check out Rukshi's Butter Boutique community online Facebook | Instagram and her travelling adventures.

Listen to Rukshi's episode on iTunes , Spotify and Android.

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